About Sam Godoy

About Me

I am a photographer, artist, musician, and maker living in Oakland, CA with my husband and three furry creatures: one enormous black cat and two senior pups. 

I enjoy portrait, family, and engagement photography, and dabble in fine art. 

I am a collector of hobbies and a lover of nature and learning. 

In my day job, I work as a graphic designer and project associate for the boutique communications firm, Spoke Consulting, helping nonprofits tell their stories and amplify their work in professional and compelling ways.

Artist Statement

I am interested in capturing elements of the human experience. The successes, the mundane, the struggles. The everyday moments, and the magical. Carl Sagan famously said, “we’re made of star stuff.” I approach my photography with the the aim of glimpsing that star stuff energy— call it emotion, vibrations, the soul— it’s that unquantifiable, intangible essence of being that whispers, I exist, and lingers like perfume in a room even after we’ve departed. 

Let's capture the magic.